Battle In between Memory Foam and Latex Foam Mattress

Memory foam vs. latex mattress? Which is the wiser choice? Let us define each individually for much better comprehending and help ease troubles when choosing which to purchase. First, let’s define what mattresses are. Mattresses are goods made to be slept in or lied on. It may consist many supplies and has outer base for cover. Mattresses are generally a component of the bed set which has its own base to refrain reaching the floor.

Memory foam mattresses relieves stress and helps in blood circulation while latex mattresses are the healthy ones because it consists of all-natural components and more tough than the other.


Latex mattress is a type of foam that can be made naturally or synthetically. These type of mattress is environment-friendly and instantaneously reacting to the body’s contours. All-natural latex foam is made from rubber tree sap mixed with water. The greater the percentage of rubber tree sap in the mattress, the pricier it gets to be. In background, it was Brazil who offered the world with the rubber tree that has the scientific title of Hevea Brasiliensis. The British government exported seedlings to London for development and later on transported to nations in Asia like Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Inthe following decades, these nations planted their rain forest with rubber tree for manufacturing.


This type of foam has three different types namely:

100% all-natural Latex – purely made from processed rubber tree sap

Blended Latex – a mixture of processed rubber tree sap and man-made components

Synthetic Latex – purely made from man-made components


Memory foam mattress is made from polyurethane with extra chemical substances that is uniquely recognized for its capability to control stress and blood circulation for utmost rest. The lower the density current in the foam, the quicker it shapes up to the body figure. It is generally denser than these of the other mattresses. This tends to make it more supportive, but also heavier in mass. Memory foam mattresses are stated to have originated asa material that astronaut’s use in their flight chairs. This is carried out to shield astronauts from forces skilled as flights to outer space lift you’re ready to get serious about your search.



Memory foam vs. latex mattress? Each types of foam mattress obtains unique significance from that of the other. The best choice to make is to purchase latex memory foam mattress for the earnings of each types. With a latex memory foam mattress will outcome to maximum rest with wellbeing advantages and eco-friendliness.

Writen by Dewayne